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Falling Rock, Wyoming, Tetons


Wyoming, Tetons

On August 11 at 1130 Ranger Jim Woodmency was hit by rockfall in the Black Ice Couloir on the Grand Teton while on a routine mountain patrol. The rockfall was spontaneous from a ledge on the northeast side of The Enclosure. Woodmency was hit in the helmet and the left forearm at a point 105 meters below the top of the climb. The rocks fell a distance of approximately 12 meters before hitting him. He was able to complete the climb and was treated at St. John’s Hospital the next day for contusions of the arm and right temple. The helmet he was wearing was cracked and has since been retired. (Source: Jim Woodmency, Ranger, Grand Teton National Park)


Woodmency figured he would have been killed by the rockfall if he had not been wearing a helmet. He was wearing a Joe Brown Super. (Source: Craig Patterson, Ranger, Grand Teton National Park)