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Slip on Snow, Climbing Unroped, Bad Weather, Washington, Mount Shuksan


Washington, Mount Shuksan

On October 3, 1983, Gary Lum (32) was descending with his climbing partner, Len Sederhahn, when he slipped just below the summit and fell an estimated 100 meters, sustaining head injuries. Sederhahn and Rick Corey, a member of another climbing party that had seen the fall, stayed with Lum, while Corey’s partners descended to secure help. The weather prevented a helicopter liftout, so Whatcom County authorities arranged for Bellingham MRC to be supplied with more field personnel. On October 4, Lum was evacuated to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bellingham by a park service contract helicopter where he was found to be suffering from facial lacerations, mild hypothermia, a head injury and various bruises and scrapes, but was in stable condition. (Source: Bergtrage, Mountain Rescue Council, Seattle, 83-18)