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Stranded, Climbing Alone, Inadequate Equipment, Inexperience, Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Mount Temple


Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Mount Temple

On August 29, 1981, R. set off following the guidebook description for the east-southeast ridge of Mount Temple. He travelled too far east along the access trail and started up the wrong cirque; he then climbed upward and onto the ridge. He ascended a small overhang and continued upward until he encountered a wall. Unable to proceed or retreat, he spent a cold night as he was prepared for only a day climb. His absence was detected in a routine check of registrations. He was located by helicopter and evacuated. (Source: C. Israelson, Banff National Park)


The victim was inexperienced, totally unequipped and alone. He discovered that it is easier to climb up than to retreat; without a rappel rope, he was stuck. (Source: C. Israelson, Banff National Park)