Fall on Rock, Failure to Test Holds, Climbing Unroped, Wyoming, Tetons

Publication Year: 1981.


Wyoming, Tetons

On August 9, 1980, about 3:30 p.m., Scott Taylor (22), Andy Fisher (27) and Laura Mann had just climbed Storm Point and were attempting Ice Point. Taylor was in the lead, the party was unroped, and all three were following a direct route up the south face rather than the easier ledge system up the northwest ridge. Near the summit ridge, Taylor apparently took hold of a large loose rock. When it came out, he fell backwards off the south side of the peak, dropping about 60–70 feet free, then falling and bouncing another 400 feet down a rock ledge system and gully. He came to rest about 300 feet down the couloir between Storm and Ice Points. Mann and Fisher climbed down to the victim who was still alive at the time. Fisher ran for help and Mann stayed. Taylor died of shock and a broken back sometime within the next two hours. His body was evacuated by the Jenny Lake Rescue Team and the Forest Service contract helicopter. (Source: Ralph Tingey, Grand Teton National Park)