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Fall on Rock, Falling Rock, Climbing Unroped, Washington, Mt. Shuksan


Washington, Mt. Shuksan

On July 18, 1980, Dick Sawyer (48) died in a fall while climbing Mt. Shuksan with eight other members of the Mazamas. The party was not roped. The climbing party had reached the Fisher Chimney area, passing the first chimney and following a ledge to the second chimney. This chimney was ascended to about the 6,100-foot level by Sawyer, who was leading the climb. He went around a corner standing on a slab. Sawyer was about 20 feet above the next climber when suddenly rocks began to fall and he fell 200 feet free. Park Service rangers were in the area and arrived within minutes of the accident. They located Dr. Mackert, who was climbing with the group, and assisted her down to Sawyer. He had died instantly in the fall. Although he was wearing a hard hat, it came off during the fall. (Source: Lynn Dayton, Bellingham Mountain Rescue Council)