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Fall on Snow, Inexperience, Inadequate Equipment, British Columbia, Coast Mountains, Mt. Murchison


British Columbia, Coast Mountains, Mt. Murchison

Eight teen-age boys, participants in a government-sponsored outdoor training course and accompanied by two adult instructors, were traversing a slope of soft snow at 5 p.m. on July 7, 1980. One boy slipped, dropped his ice ax and collided with the boy ahead of him. They both slid about 30 feet down the slope, landing upside down in a creek. A serious back injury was initially suspected, but the damage later turned out to consist only of bruises, lacerations, and a broken thumb. Later it was noted that the boy who first slipped was wearing boots without good traction soles. First aid was administered on the spot and the injured evacuated the same evening by helicopter. (Source: R. Fairbridge)