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Avalanche, Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Mt. Kitchener


Alberta, Rocky Mountains, Mt. Kitchener

On February 28, 1979, Scott Gilbert and Tom Pulaski, both of Denver, Colorado, left Highway 93 and started up the normal approach to the north face of Mt. Kitchener. Approximately 300 yards off the highway they started up a wind slab slope. Near the top of this slope they attempted to cross it. During the traverse Gilbert dropped a mitt and ran down the slope to recover it. The slope fractured and took both of them down. Pulaski managed to stay on top of the wind slab but Gilbert was pushed under into softer snow. Pulaski searched and dug trenches in likely locations before going for help. Gilbert died of suffocation under six feet of snow. (Source: D. A. Dumpleton, Jasper National Park)