Fall on Rock Unprotected, Quebec, Val David, Mont Condor, Voie Normal

Publication Year: 1980.


Quebec, Val David, Mont Condor, Voie Normal

Immanuel Braverman (56) was leading Jim Stokes-Rees and Janet Casey on the Voie Normal on Mont Condor on 21 April 1979. The open corner at the exit was wet and dirty, so he traversed left and continued up the Michael Ward route. He clipped into a fixed peg about ten feet up, but when climbing further, on what appeared to be easy ground, he was stopped by the sling. He climbed down, unclipped from the peg, and continued unprotected. He fell, and after falling about 20 feet onto a ledge, was stopped by the rope when it became taut. Braverman climbed down with help from Stokes-Rees and a rope. He had compression of one thoracic vertebra and severe bruises. (Source: I. Braverman)


If the drag on the rope had been eliminated and the runner reset, the fall would have been without danger. (Source: I. Braverman)