Fall on Rock Unroped, British Columbia, Rocky Mountains, Mt. Assisniboine

Publication Year: 1980.


British Columbia, Rocky Mountains, Mt. Assiniboine

Greg Ehren (25) and two companions were climbing the north face of Mt. Assiniboine unroped and were near the summit about 0900 hours on 30 August 1979. Near the top, his companions followed a narrow, slanting gully through a band of steeper rock, but Ehren started to climb steeper rocks to the right. When he did not arrive at the summit, his friends searched for him and then went for help. His body was found lodged in a crack about halfway down the 3,000-foot face. (Source: T. Auger, D. Reynolds)


Ehren’s fall was unobserved, but he undoubtedly fell from high on the face. Once again, the rock on Assiniboine is poor and just steep enough to make it difficult to stop a fall. (Source: T. Auger, D. Reynolds)