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Avalanches, Washington, Mt. Rainer


Washington, Mt. Rainer

On May 31, Todd Davis (24) of Sitka, Alaska, was killed high on Mt. Rainier when a slab avalanche swept him and two other climbers about 2000 feet down the mountain. Davis, Jones and Beckter were climbing to the summit when the accident occurred above the Wilson Glacier, at 12,500 feet on the Fuhrer Finger route.

Davis’ two companions, David Jones of Ward Cove, Alaska, and David Beckter, Everett, worked for two hours before they were able to uncover the body. They descended to Paradise and reported the accident about 5:30 p.m.

On May 29, eight climbers on two ropes were swept down the Cowlitz Glacier, east of Camp Muir. They included Lou Whittaker and his son, who suffered a possible broken ankle. (Source: Seattle Times and Bergtrage)