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Fall on Rock, Wasps, New York, Shawangunks


New York, Shawangunks

On July 15, a 23-year-old man was climbing Fat Stick, a 5.7 route, when he was stung by wasps. He fell about 60 feet, sustaining only minor injury to an elbow and hip. (Source: Brad Snyder)


Last year it was poitned out that perhaps snake bites are potentially less damaging than 60-foot falls. Bee stings should have been included in that statement. We know of a tragic case in Africa a few years ago, however, where a climber was stung to death by very large bees. This editor and a climbing companion were once attacked by an owl whose nest we encountered while on a new route. This kind of incident may be more than just a rare occurrence. (Source: J. Williamson)