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Falling Rock, Inexperience – Wyoming, The Tetons

FALLING ROCK, INEXPERIENCE—Wyoming, The Tetons. On August 4, about 11:30 p.m. Doug Calloway (17) was climbing the Owen Spalding Route on the Grand Teton a short distance above the Upper Saddle. A rock was dislodged by his partner’s rope while the victim was ascending, striking him on the back of the head. He was assisted to the top of the pitch after a brief period of unconsciousness (10-15 seconds), then lowered down the standard 120-foot rappel of the Owen Spalding Route to the Upper Saddle, and began descending on his own. Injuries sustained were possible concussion, a small laceration, and a large bump upon the back of his head. (Source: Ralph Tingey, Grand Teton National Park.)

Analysis: When no hard hats are worn, even more caution needs to be exercised when in loose rock areas. This is a very common accident or “near miss.” (Source: J. Williamson.)