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Falling Rock – Alberta, Banff, Mt. Rundle

FALLING ROCK—Alberta, Banff, Mt. Rundle. Geoffrey Taylor (16) and Steve Ord (16) were climbing Mt. Rundle on August 4 by the usual easy route. They became separated, Ord being in front, and maintained contact by voice. Taylor stopped calling about noon, and Ord returned to find him. Rocks had fallen from the cliff above the trail and seriously injured him. He was not wearing a helmet, but fortunately had no head injuries. He was not bleeding, so Ord gave him spare clothing, draped him with bright orange ponchos, and went down for help. Taylor was evacuated by helicopter. He had broken both arms and several vertebrae. (Source: S. Ord.)

Analysis: Rocks fall from cliffs and we should avoid being under them as much as possible. Helmets should be worn at these times. It is better not to separate, although had the two been very close, both might have been injured. (Source: S. Ord.)