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Fall/Slip on Snow, Inexperience, Inadequate Equipment—Washington, Mt. Rainier

FALL/SLIP ON SNOW, INEXPERIENCE, INADEQUATE EQUIPMENT—Washington, Mt. Rainier. Frederick Hamly (35) was cleaning a billy pot at Camp Hazard (11,000 feet). He was a member of an RMI expedition seminar. The top of the pot got away from him, and as he stepped out to grab it, he slipped and fell about 2,000 feet, sliding, rolling, and bouncing toward his landing on the Wilson Glacier. He was going so fast that he went over a bergschrund on the glacier. Hamley, seriously injured, was successfully evacuated by helicopter. (Source: Walt Dabney, Mt. Rainier National Park)

Analysis: Hamly was wearing down booties when he made this unthinking move. He could not check his fall. (Source: Walt Dabney, Mt. Rainier National Park)