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Hit by Falling Ice—British Columbia, Rocky Mountains, Ball Range, Stanley Peak

HIT BY FALLING ICE—British Columbia, Rocky Mountains, Ball Range, Stanley Peak. On July 13, 1975, John Adler, Hans Weidner, and two companions were climbing Stanley Peak by the northern side and were on the north glacier. Large ice blocks broke from the hanging glacier on the east edge of the north face. All lay flat on the ice hanging to anchors, with crampon points and axe points in the ice. John Adler was hit by ice which broke his left forearm and shattered the elbow. The rescue was effected by the remainder of the party, and another rope of three who were nearby. John walked down to the camp in the valley and was carried to the Banff hospital by helicopter. (Source: Hans Weidner, Mountain Breeze (Bulletin of the Edmonton Section of ACC), September 1975.)

Analysis. Sometimes we might forget that hanging glaciers, even ones far above us, on occasion send down ice blocks. (Source: E. Whalley.)