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Colorado, North Maroon Bell

Colorado, North Maroon Bell. On 9 October James T. Slade and Marcie Roseman (22) climbed the North Maroon Bell from Crater Lake and reached the top about noon. After an hour of rest they descended the mountain towards the snow-fields on the Crater Lake side. It was their first climb of the mountain and the route had been described by some climber from Aspen. Marcie soon began to tire and in spite of Slade’s objections sat down on the snow and began sliding down. Due to the lack of any equipment she went out of control and crashed into a rockfield. Slade climbed down to her, found no sign of life and went for help. He contacted some climbers at Crater Lake who came to town to report the accident and get help. One climber, a former MRA member, and two of his friends with Slade climbed up to the fallen girl and confirmed that she was dead. They met the Mountain Rescue—Aspen party on the trail and reported what they had found. It was decided to wait until daylight to evacuate the body.

Source: Alfred Braun.

Analysis: This is a very treacherous steep snowfield with large patches of ice. Slade climbed close to the rock looking for foot and handholds. Marcie being tired and listless decided to slide down on the snow. A bad mistake without any equipment. Slade was in no condition to be of any help since he was without any equipment. No hard hats or rope or ice axes were carried by either one.