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British Columbia, Garibaldi Park, Wedge Mountain

British Columbia, Garibaldi Park, Wedge Mountain. On 28 December Nona Rowat (28), and three companions completed a ski-mountain tour in Garibaldi Park. They had been near 9,400 foot Wedge Mountain where they had experienced severe cold. The night of 27 December they spent in a snow cave. The next morning Nona put on an extra pair of wool socks before they started down. This may have been a mistake as it may have reduced circulation. In any case it is likely that frostbite did not occur on the way down, but while waiting for men to dig out the car which had been snowed in. Toes when examined were hard and black. Treatment was carried out according to the AAC pamphlet on frostbite, and within a few days the blister and swelling stages were over. She entered hospital ten days later after returning to Chicago, and there immediate amputation was recommended. On the strength of the pamphlet the physicians agreed to wait, however, and Nona’s feet are now fully recovered.