California, Sierra Nevada, Mt. McAdie

Publication Year: 1969.

California, Sierra Nevada, Mt. McAdie. On 15 June Anita Ossofsky (27), Seymour Ossofsky, and Barbara Lilley were ascending Mt. McAdie from Arc Pass. They traversed from the East face of Middle Peak to Gulley which divides Middle and North Peaks. At the top of the Gulley, apparently a hand-hold of Mrs. Ossofsky’s gave way and she fell about 10 feet to a ledge, rolled off ledge, and rolled and fell about 150 feet more coming to rest in the Gulley. Death was immediate.

Source: Ray W. Van Aken.

Analysis: (Aken) Party was well qualified and adequately equipped.

Weather was good. It was an unfortunate fall in class 3 terrain. A rope might have prevented long fall.