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Utah, Mt. Olympus

Utah, Mt. Olympus. On 3 August Malcolm Wills (24) and Carol Clawson (20) were climbing a technical route on Mt. Olympus. Neither climber had suitable boots or other climbing gear. They were tied together by approximately 50 feet of ¼ inch nylon parachute shroud line. A granny knot had been used to secure rope to Wills. The knot at Clawson’s waist was a nondescript type of slip knot that was quite loose and slid back and forth on the line easily. It is not clear which fell first, although the evidence indicates Malcolm Wills was probably leading and fell pulling Clawson off the cliff. Both fell about 250 feet and died instantly from their severe injuries.

Source: James A. Wilkerson (Deputy Medical Examiner), and Lamont Heaps Salt Lake Region ARG.