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Oregon, Three Sisters

Oregon, Three Sisters. On 11 August J. George Schultz (36), Robert G. Schultz (11,) Marie T. Schultz (10), Paul Schultz (8), Tommy Schultz (7), and George’s brother Robert J. Schultz (33), were at the 8,800 foot level on the Three Sisters. Robert G. Schultz slipped on a loose rock. His father (J. George) lunged for him and tried to break his fall. Both continued to fall. The boy fell 100 feet and the father 600 feet before he was stopped on the rocks. Robert J. Schultz moved the three other children down on to the Renfrew Glacier. He then administered first aid to George and to Robert who had been struck by a rock. George complained of pain in the head and back as he was carried down the slope by his brother. Robert J. then fed the children and went for help. George Schultz died later of his injuries before his rescuers arrived. The others were evacuated by helicopter.

Source: Newspaper clipping.