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Miscellaneous Information, Table III

California, Mt. Shasta. On 29 December, 1965, Les Wilson (34), John Crowley (20) and Fred Daenzer (20) left Berkeley, California, to attempt a climb of Mt. Shasta. In the course of the climb they became snowbound as the result of a violent storm for four days. They eventually walked out the South Western slope on January 7, 1966, seven days after their expected return. The climbers were in good condition. Their car had been located on 5 January at the 4,000 ft. level about a mile off Highway 97 and eight miles north of Weed on the northern side of the mountain. This initiated a considerable search effort that was largely frustrated by the weather and inadequate information concerning the climber’s route.

Source: Newspaper clippings; Christine Reid

Analysis: This storm had been forecast and the three climbers apparently had not checked the weather forecast. As noted above there was also confusion concerning their proposed route and possible escape routes that they might take in the event of bad weather. At least they were adequately equipped and had sufficient food for the extra time that they were on the mountain.