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California, Mt. Shasta

Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Grand Teton. On 31 August, Denis W. Robinson (20) and three companions were climbing the Exum Ridge. Robinson was leading the “Friction Pitch.” As he reached for a handhold his shoulder dislocated. He was able to descend the Ridge under his own power with considerable assistance from his companions.

Source: Rick Reese, Park Ranger, Grand Teton National Park.

Analysis: The person reporting this accident did not have enough information regarding the nature of the injury nor the equipment at the scene of the accident. He did not know how serious the injury was or if he could descend under his own power; this delayed the rescue team for some time while they were assembling enough equipment to effect a carry-out from the “Friction Pitch.” If it had been known that the injured person could travel under his own power the rescue team could have travelled much faster with lighter packs and been more assistance in helping the injured person.