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Washington, Mt. Rainier

Washington, Mt. Rainier. On 2 August Miss Onyon (22), a member of the Peace Corps Training group, was descending en glissade (sitting) from Glacier Vista via a steep snow chute to the Nisqually Glacier. She lost control of her descent on the fast snow and punctured her left leg in the fall with her ice axe pick. Guides Lute Jerstad and Dick McGowan stopped the bleeding and effected an evacuation up the snow chute. Ranger Tony Andersen brought an Akja to the scene and the evacuation was completed by Jerstad and Andersen to Paradise.

Source: Jack C. Melill, Park Ranger.

Analysis: Miss Onyon, a member of a large training group (39) was receiving instruction in mountain survival and climbing. Adequate instruction and precautions were observed by competent instructors and a slope

with a safe run out selected. It does point up the inherent, but unavoidable potential of the ice axe in the hands of a beginner.