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Alberta, Banff National Park, Mt. Laurie

Alberta, Banff National Park, Mt. Laurie. On 1 July three Calgary climbers, who were to meet an 18 year old friend, Brian Lwyellan Andreason, of Calgary, at the base of a recognized climbing route toward the west end of the front face of Mt. Laurie, found his body lying on the scree at the base of the route.

They left the body, returned to the highway, and contacted Cpl. M. Metcalfe of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canmore detachment, who sent Cst. C. Biln with the three Calgary climbers, carrying a canvas stretcher, back up the mountain to locate the body and start down with it.

Source: G. H. L. Dempster, General Superintendent, Banff National Park; Paddy Sherman.

Analysis: The accident victim was relatively inexperienced, according to his friend’s reports. He had evidently slipped and fallen to his death while attempting a climb alone.