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California, Mt. Shasta

California, Mt. Shasta. On 21 August, William John Mihm, Jr. and Stephan Tillman were climbing Mt. Shasta on the North West slope with improper equipment. When they got to the 12,000-foot level they decided to start back. They were standing at the top of a small glacier and Mihm started down by sliding, with the idea that he could stop safely. He slid about 150 yards on the glacier and hit rocks at the bottom of the glacier and went about 50 yards through the rocks cutting his head open.

Mihm succumbed to his injuries and was dead when the rescue party arrived.

Source: Lawrence Taylor, Sheriff’s Investigator and John Marker, Asst. Ranger U.S.F.S.

Analysis: Inadequate experience and equipment; Crampons and Ice axes should have been carried.