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California, Yosemite National Park, Lost Arrow

California, Yosemite National Park, Lost Arrow. On 19 April Glenn Denny and John Weichard, both about 22, were caught on the 3rd pitch of the lost Arrow by a sleet and snow storm. Being lightly dressed both were greatly affected by the cold. A retreat was not practical from their position, so they continued to the summit (100 feet of 6th class climbing) for a more favorable rappel angle, then tied their ropes together to make a single long rappel into the notch (270 feet). An attempt was made to prussik up fixed ropes 270 feet to the Valley Rim, but the ropes were frozen and icy and Weichard was too weak. Denny might have been able to make it, but elected to stay with Weichard and call for help.

Source: Ranger David W. Huson.

Analysis: The weather had been threatening for two days. This climb should not have been undertaken during questionable weather as the retreat from this climb is one of the most technical in Yosemite. Parkas should be taken on long climbs of grade three in the early season.