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Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Baxter's Pinnacle

Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Baxter s Pinnacle. On 15 August Herb Swedlund, Bob Fenichel, Charles Joyce, Mike Edesess, and Peter Keller were descending in that order through the loose gully to the west of Baxter’s Pinnacle. Although Swedlund and Fenichel ducked when the others cried “Rock!,” Swedlund was struck on the back of the head by a head-sized boulder.

Swedlund had been wearing a light cloth cap, but this did not prevent him from sustaining an inch-long incision. Bleeding was stemmed when Fenichel applied direct pressure, and Swedlund continued the descent under his own power. Swedlund needed five stitches that evening and was climbing the next day.

Source: Fenichel.

Analysis: Hardhats again.