New York, Shawangunks

Publication Year: 1964.

New York, Shawangunks. On 10 November Sandra Satterthwaite and her leader had finished their climb and were returning to the Uber Fall via the foot path unroped as is usually done. As she climbed down a short face she stepped past the ledge that was to be her foot-hold. She states that it was her error in not making sure of her foot-hold as she climbed down. She lost her footing and fell aproximately 30 feet and landed on the carriage road. She was carrying the climbing rope coiled over her shoulder and she landed on her left front side. The coil of rope apparently protected her head from serious injury. She was knocked unconscious and suffered multiple contusion, lacerations, and fractures of her limbs. Fortunately other climbers in the area notably Cornie and Dee Miller administered excellent first aid and organized the evacuation.

Source: Cornie Miller, Sandra Satterthwaite, James R. McCarthy, and Boyd N. Everett, Jr.