British Columbia, Coast Range, Tantalus Range, Mt. Niobe

Publication Year: 1964.

British Columbia, Coast Range, Tantalus Range, Mt. Niobe. Terry Stillman (20) a prospective member of the Alpine Club of Canada, was one of a party of 12 to glissade a steep but smooth and even snow slope on a small glacier. Elevation was about 5,000 feet.

He had little snow experience, and when his turn came to go down unroped was highly nervous. He lost his balance, turned over forwards and sideways, and smashed his kneecap on a small rock estimated to be 15 feet out of the vertical fall line. He was carried to Lake Lovely Water on a stretcher of small trees, and flown out from the ACC cabin next day, 28 July, by a Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter.

Source: Nick Schwabe.

Analysis: (Trip Leader, Nick Shwabe) “Had the leader known Stillman better, he would have descended with him roped up all the way down the glacier.”