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Washington, Mt. Erie

Washington, Mt. Erie. On April 8 a group including Robert Wiley was descending the mountain. The group of five lost the trail, and they were descending a rocky gully with some brush. They were close together. A rock was dislodged and the warning cry “rock” was given. Wiley attempted to avoid the rock but was struck a glancing blow on the head. The rock which was about three inches by four inches in size opened a jagged cut and bruised the skull. First aid was given and the party hiked out. The cut required eight stitches.

Source: Frank C. Fickeisen, Mountaineers’ Accident Report.

Analysis: Hard hats are always worthwhile protection in rock scrambling or climbing. After a long day of practice or climbing, it is always well to put forth extra effort to stay on the trail, since unplanned scram- blying by tired climbers can lead to situations such as this.