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Accidents, 1962, Canada, Alberta, The Rockies, Mt. Eisenhower

Alberta, The Rockies, Mt. Eisenhower. On June 23, four experienced Edmonton climbers set out to climb the southeast ridge or face of the East Tower of Eisenhower. They were Patricia Payne (45), Ernie Kinsey, Jaro Mares, and Eric Hopkins.

Top of the tower is 8,500 feet and reaching the base of the tower at more than 7,000 feet entails crossing an easy system of ledges through a rock band. All four had used this route before, and did not think it necessary to rope around a sloping corner joining two easy ledges.

Kinsey had traversed this but as Miss Payne followed a section of slab she was using for handholds came completely away. She fell backwards down two cliffs and stopped on scree 200 feet below. Others reached her within minutes, but she died instantly.

Source: Eric Hopkins, Paddy Sherman.