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Washington, Cascades, Mt. Pilchuck

Washington, Cascades, Mt. Pilchuck. On July 29, Gary Clark (16) and two other Explorer Scouts had just completed the first of a four-day crosscountry trip. The area had numerous steep cliffs but always a good scramble route around them or up a wide easy gully. Prior to making supper, the three boys headed directly up a steep slabby rock pitch unroped but keeping fairly well bunched. A companion above suddenly dislodged a boulder estimated at 100 pounds which fell about 7 ft. and struck Clark on the left side. Injuries resulting were a compound fracture of the left leg, broken right ankle and left hand, and multiple cuts and bruises on the body and head. One of his companions traversed about a half mile over to the trail where an adult-supervised teenage group was making a night climb to watch the sunrise. The party pitched camp, sent out word for a rescue party, and the companion returned to the accident. The rescue party reached the accident 7 hours later at 2:00 a.m., and by 5:00 a.m. was in a position for a helicopter pickup. Ground fog on the coast had all helicopters grounded, however, and Clark was forced to endure another 4 hours of punishment as he was carried over huge boulder fields and brush jungle about 2 miles to the road.

Source: Kenn Carpenter.