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Washington, Big Four Mt.

Washington, Big Four Mt. On June 5, a large group (8 or 9) made up of several parties climbed Big Four Mt. The majority of the climbers were experienced mountaineers, and the climb was made by several routes. Climbing conditions were hazardous due to avalanches which forced the parties onto the ridges. Due to these conditions and the length of the climb, the summit was not reached until late in the day.

About 7:00 p.m., during descent of the upper portion, Edith Williams (20s), with slight climbing experience, was astraddle a small ridge for safety. An avalanche descended the adjacent gully carrying a large rock which struck her thigh, giving her a severe bruise. Miss Williams was able to descend the major portion the following day slowly under her own power. Because the party had not returned by noon of the following day (a Monday) the Seattle Unit of M.R.C. went into operation. A helicopter was procured from McCord A.F.B. and directed to Big Four Inn meadows by M.R.C. observer. Evacuation of injured from lower portion of mountain was effected, rendering assistance by the large party of M.R.C. unnecessary.

Source: Paul M. Williams.