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Washington, Olympic Mountains

Washington, Olympic Mountains, Mt. Cleaver. On August 26, a large party of Mazamas was climbing different spires in the vicinity of Mt. Cleaver. As the climbers were descending individually by different routes Dennis Searcy (18) apparently stepped on a rock that rolled. He lost his balance and fell about 100 ft. to a grassy sloping ledge. He rolled another 50 ft. until he struck a rock that prevented him from falling another 1000 ft. First-aid was administered for the obvious minor injuries. He was moved to a more level spot and padded well with clothing. Additional clothing was used to provide insulation. In view of the size of the party, part went to alert a rescue, and part returned to base camp to collect an air mattress and sleeping bag. Searcy was later rescued by helicopter and taken to hospital where he was found to have minor cuts and lacerations of his arms, legs, and head. He had suffered a concussion, a hairline fracture of the jaw, a broken wrist, several broken teeth, and a badly bruised body.

Source: Earl F. Levin.