American Alpine Jounrna and Accidents in North American Climbing

Reported Mountaineering Accidents, Table III

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  • Publication Year: 1962

Montana, Cabinet Range, Snowshoe Peak. On July 22, Gerald Challinor (20), and Jack Carabin (19) were descending Mt. Snowshoe after a successful ascent. Descending by a different route than they had ascended they came to a glacier that they had to cross. Carabin tried to go around the glacier on wet rocks, slipped and slid down the steep ice and struck a rock near the bottom and fell into a crevasse. Challinor started to work his way slowly down to Carabin but also slipped and slid down the glacier about 1500 ft. into other rocks. Both men were injured. Challinor was able to call for help and a rescue party removed them from the glacier the following day under rather adverse circumstances. Both of the injured were lightly clad, and it is remarkable that they did not suffer more from exposure. Carabin received fractured skull, wrists, right upper arm, and two vertebrae. He was left with a residual right paralysis. Challinor suffered a fractured ankle and crushed and fractured vetrebrae.

Source: Gerald Challinor, Robert W. Riddle, Sheriff Libby, Montana, and E. Thomas Collins, Chairman, Western Montana Mountain Rescue Council.

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