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Maine, Monhegan Island Cliffs

Maine, Monhegan Island Cliffs. On August 18, J. Robert Hamilton (36) and Fred Newcombe were doing a number of practice climbs on the cliffs of Monhegan Island. In mid-afternoon Hamilton was leading the second pitch of a climb. Newcombe, as belayer, was tied to a rock nubbin. Hamilton climbed first vertically then traversed where he placed a piton into a vertical crack. The piton sounded good as it was placed and he continued his traverse. He was out about 40 ft. when a handhold crumbled. He lost his balance on the vertical face and fell. The piton pulled out and he fell to the rocks below. Other persons in the vicinity went for help and he was evacuated by local personnel by boat to the mainland and then by ambulance to hospital. He suffered multiple fractures and contusions.

Source: J. Robert Hamilton.