Washington, Mt. Goblin

Publication Year: 1961.

Washington, Mt. Goblin—On May 22, Andrew Hilen (18) and Walter Weld (18) with two companions hiked in to attempt an ascent of Mt. Goblin. They had made a partial ascent when they realized they could not reach the summit in good season. The weather deteriorated. Rain began and resulted in wet dangerous snow. They decided to turn back. On the return Hilen was running ahead and apparently slipped on a rotten log half buried in the snow. He tumbled about 50 feet and fell on some rocks, sustaining a puncture wound of the left upper leg and a skull fracture. He was unconscious for five minutes and was incoherent upon regaining consciousness. Two of the party remained with Hilen while Weld went ahead to alert rescue operations. During the descent he apparently fell and suffered a contusion on his forehead. The rescuers arrived shortly before the other three climbers appeared; the two uninjured had assisted their injured companion.

Source: Cameron A. Sharpe and George T. Hallworth, members of the rescue party.

Analysis: Although limited in experience and equipment, the party was composed of a minimum safe number and they did show good judgment in turning back when they did.

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