Washington, Mt. Rainier

Publication Year: 1961.

Washington, Mt. Rainier (2)—On August 7, at 11:30 a.m., a member of a guided party, Ronald Swearinger (21) was struck by a falling rock while negotiating the chutes on the Gibralter route on the return trip from the summit. He received bruises and abrasions of the left buttocks. He was assisted by the climbing party down to Camp Muir shelter where information was dispatched by radio to the Paradise Ranger Station. A rescue unit was alerted and started up with the Akja. They met the guide party bringing the injured man down on a Stokes litter. He was transferred to the Akja and the group continued on to Paradise. No serious complications, only soreness and stiffness, resulted from the injury.

Source: Preston P. Macy, Superintendent Mount Rainier National Park.