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Alberta, Banff National Park, Abbot Pass

Alberta, Banff National Park, Abbot Pass—Four Montreal climbers, Bernard Poisson, Erwin Hodgson, Richard Willmott and Rodolphe de- Repentigny, traversed Mt. Victoria from the north on July 23. They stayed overnight at Abbot Pass.

Next morning they set off unroped to descend to Lake Louise. de- Repentigny left the hut a little after the others, and was hidden from their view by the lip of the glacier. The others waited 15 minutes for him at the second crevasse, then Willmott returned. He found deRepen- tigny had fallen 60 feet into the first crevasse.

They recovered his body and took it to the hut.

Simple as the trip down from Abbot Pass may be, the moral of this accident is obvious.

Source: Paddy Sherman.