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California, Sierra Nevada—North Palisade Peak

California, Sierra Nevada—North Palisade Peak—On 7 July, John Findley Scott (23) and party of five other persons were ascending North Palisade. Near summit a handhold that Scott grasped came loose and Scott fell some 40 feet to a narrow ledge. He struck the rocks several times before he landed on the ledge. A difficult rescue was effected by 9 climbers with evacuation by horse and helicopter. Three days were required because of storms and difficult terrain. Scott suffered fractures of right wrist, right ankle, left foot, two ribs and a vertebra, as well as cuts and bruises. Rescue was made under supervision of Kings Canyon National Park assistant chief ranger Carl Schreiber.

Source: W. Siri.

Analysis: (Siri). Insufficient attention to safe climbing techniques. He did not carefully test handholds.