Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Mt. Teewinot

Publication Year: 1958.

Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park, Mt. Teewinot—On August 15, Dr. Norman Lee (44) was leading a rope of three other persons up the Black Chimney just beneath the summit of Mt. Teewinot. Lee led a difficult 12-15 foot crack. While standing apparently on cross pressure and reaching for the next handholds he suddenly spun out of the cliff. He fell approximately 6 feet to a rounded slab to the side of the crack and dropped 12-15 feet to the floor of the cliff below. His fall was stopped by his second’s belay. The pack he was wearing probably prevented more serious injury. The other members of the party assisted Dr. Lee immediately. The injury appeared to be some fractured ribs and the party began the descent. By the time Dr. Lee reached the hospital it was found that he also had a punctured lung.

Source: Frank R. Oberhansley, superintendent and Doug McLaren, Ranger, G.T.N.P.; and Willi Unsoeld.

Analysis: There appears to be no reason for this accident. It strongly emphasizes the need for constant leader alertness even in apparently easy rock or snow.