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New Mexico, Organ Mountains—Dingleberry Peak

New Mexico, Organ Mountains—Dingleberry Peak—The accident occurred during September 1956, at 10 A.M. when Bonard E. Topp (21), Robert E. Conner (22), and Alton H. Earle (20) were descending the south side of Dingleberry Peak after completing the first ascent. Conner used a large loose rock as a handhold while descending a small cliff of about 6 feet. When he released his hold on the boulder, it fell, pinning his left leg to the wall. His injuries consisted of a large puncture wound in the back of his left thigh, bruises and numerous small cuts.

Source: Alton H. Earle

Analysis: (Earle). Conner was unroped, the difficulty of the climb did not require the use of one for safety. This accident was due to lack of experience on the part of Conner. He had been warned about the loose rocks found throughout the Organ Mountains.