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California, Mt. Shasta

California, Mt. Shasta—On December 28, 1956 Emily Hatfield (21), Don Monks (26), Steve Brenner (22) and Gordon Brenner (19) climbed Mt. Shasta. The weather was clear. All climbing was on snow and ice. The party was fully equipped for the climb (crampons, ice axes, rope, food, etc.); they did not, however, use the rope. The party reached summit of Shasta at 2:30 p.m. and shortly after started the descent. At the head of a long, moderately steep couloir Emily Hatfield tripped, probably over her crampons, and slid approximately 1,200 vertical feet until finally stopped by rocks. The rest of the party reached her in 20 minutes. Hatfield suffered abrasions and lacerations and perhaps mild shock. The party was joined by two other climbers also descending the mountain. Two members of the party descended to Sierra Club hut for assistance while others remained with the injured girl. Rescue proceeded efficiently with aid of forest service rescue team and Hatfield was admitted to the hospital eight hours after her fall, and released from the hospital five days later.

Source: William Siri.

Analysis: (W. Siri). Probably insufficient experience on ice and snow combined with fatigue.

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