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Washington, Mt. Rainier National Park (2)

Washington, Mt. Rainier National Park (2)—On August 10, 1956 Sam C. Silverstein (19) fell while descending the snow chute along Gibralter as he returned from the summit. He apparently tripped on his crampon, rolled about 100 feet, and was stopped by a belay on the climbing rope by other members of the climbing party. The ice in the chutes was impregnated with dirt and rock and he was the last man and failed to chop steps for good footing. He received a fracture of the left ankle, body bruises, swollen nose, and puncture of right arm from the pick of his ice axe. His party helped him to Camp Muir and he rode on a horse down to Paradise the next day.

Source: Preston P. Macy, Superintendent, Mt. Rainier National Park.