Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park

Publication Year: 1956.

Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park (1)—On June 6, 1955, Victor Milligan (23), a student from Belfast, Ireland, and his companion had been hiking up the Glacier Trail when they came to a point where the trail was still completely covered by snow. They left the trail at this point to travel about 300 yards to a stream in Glacier Gulch for a drink of water. In descending into the gulch, Milligan came to a rock outcropping and in climbing down this face a rock handhold gave way causing him to fall about 30 ft. into a snowfield and slide headfirst into a large boulder.

His companion descended by a safer route and administered what first aid he could and made the semi-conscious Milligan as comfortable as possible. He then hurried to the Jenny Lake Store, a distance of about 2 miles, for help.

The Park Rescue Team, with all necessary equipment, reached the scene of the accident within one hour and forty-five minutes after the initial report was made. Milligan was evacuated to the Jackson Hospital where, after an emergency operation, he made a complete recovery in a month’s time. He had received a compound skull fracture and multiple lacerations and bruises over his entire body.

Source: Ernest K. Field, Acting Superintendent, Grant Teton National Park.