Analysis of Accidents

Publication Year: 1956.


A breakdown of the accidents that occurred during the past year (1955) and the cumulative totals are presented in Table II. There does not appear to be any marked change in the various groupings. Comment has been made concerning care while using crampons—snug fitting pants or taping should be used to avoid such incidents. The death of a young girl from exposure after an otherwise successful climb points out the need of being fit for the climb one has selected. Dr. Hans Kraus has written various articles on the importance of being physically fit in order to enjoy a sport. In particular he has emphasized the need for physical fitness for those who ski. The same is even more necessary in the sport of mountaineering which is one that requires large amounts of energy. This in turn implies that the climber must have sufficient muscular power and endurance for the climb and sufficient energy either stored within his body or in his pack. Proper clothing is also essential to prevent undue loss of body heat, which wastes energy that could be used more profitably by the body.