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Arizona, Santa Catalina Mountains

Arizona, Santa Catalina Mountains—On April 20, 1954, three University fo Arizona students, William Bingham (21), Robert Frederick (21) and Ned Cranston (21) started up Mt. Lemmon to find Picture Rock and Finger Rock. Late in the afternoon, Bingham, while attempting to retrieve a climbing rope, jumped down a 14-ft. cliff and landed in the gravel and shale of the saddle high on the peak, twisting his ankle so severely that he could not walk. Frederick and Cranston tried to carry Bingham out, but his weight, 180 pounds, made this impossible, so Frederick left for help, while Cranston stayed with Bingham. Cranston and Bingham were able to light a fire and keep warm.

Frederick traveled the seven miles to their car and alerted the authorities who organized a rescue party. The rescue was effected with considerable

difficulty due to the ruggedness of the terrain and the desert heat. It was found that Bingham had fractured a bone in his foot.

Source: Peter Gardner; Appalachia 20:211, 1954.