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Accidents 1953 Not Previously Reported — California, Rock Quarry, La Mesa

California, Rock Quarry, La Mesa—On April 26, 1953 Dean Hallford (12), David Hobbs (12) and Bernie Strong (12) decided to climb a 170 ft. rock quarry. They had a 90 ft. length of ¼ inch Manilla line which they cut into three equal portions. Hobbs climbed about 145 ft. above ground when he was unable to proceed. Strong, who had remained behind, climbed up the cliff from the back, tied one end of his rope to a bush and dropped the other end to Hobbs. Hallford by this time had reached a point 15 ft. below Hobbs who was now tied onto Strong’s rope and his own rope was out of reach. Hallford’s rope had been left behind. Strong then went to get Hallford’s rope. During this time Hallford attempted to climb higher when he either slipped or more likely his footing crumbled on the badly decomposed granite and he fell to the floor of the quarry. His back was broken, and he now lives but is paralyzed and has to use a wheel chair.

Source: James Bonner.

Analysis: Inexperienced persons exceeding their ability.