Washington—near Camp Muir; Mt. Rainier National Park

Publication Year: 1953.

Washington—near Camp Muir; Mt. Ranier National Park: On August 16, 1952, John Burkhart (20), of Mason, Illinois fell into a crevasse on the snowfield below Camp Muir. He was hiking to Camp Muir with several companions. Normally, this lower snow field does not crevasse and there are no. special requirements to hike this far. Due to a succession of two comparatively light winters followed by unusually warm summers with little precipitation, this lower snow and ice field developed crevasses. A snow bridge concealed the particular crevasse in which Mr. Burkhart fell and

it gave way when he crossed it. His injuries were not severe and he was rescued by members of an equipped climbing party that was passing nearby.

Source: Report Mount Rainier National Park.