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Wyoming—Grand Teton National Park

Wyoming—Grand Teton National Park (1): On August 5, 1952, Miss Corinne Voluter (19) had accompanied a group of girls to the top of the bluff overlooking Marion Lake. They had ascended the gentler slope on the back side. Miss Voluter and Miss Pamela Wright-Clark decided to go down a chimney in the face of the bluff rather than return the easier way with the remainder of the group. Part way down the face of this chimney Miss Clark decided the climbing was too difficult for her and returned to the lake by the easier route. She tried to persuade Miss Voluter to do the same. Miss Voluter, however, thought she had passed the difficult part of the descent and continued on down until she fell. It is thought that a hand hold broke loose. Miss Voluter had noted the seriousness of her situation and had jettisoned her shoes while descending thinking that climbing would be easier in bare feet. She had been introduced to mountaineering only a few weeks earlier and had become extremely enthusiastic and eager to climb. Her body was removed the following day. Other members of her party had determined she had been killed by the fall. They could not reach her body which lay on a chock stone near the bottom of the chimney. The rescuers felt the chimney looked difficult even for an experienced climber.

Source: Participants in rescue party and National Park Service Report.

Analysis: Inexperienced climber, attempting a climb beyond her ability; climbing alone.